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. OpenTelemetry Integration. OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, SDKs, tooling, and integrations that enable the capture and management of telemetry data from your services for greater observability. Ane Elastic OpenTelemetry integrations allow you to reuse your existing OpenTelemetry Instrumentation to quickly analyze distributed traces and metrics. elasticsearch_exporter_config The elasticsearch_exporter_config block configures the elasticsearch_exporter integration, which is an embedded version of elasticsearch_exporter. This allows for the collection of metrics from ElasticSearch servers. Note that currently, an Agent can only collect metrics from a single ElasticSearch server. However, the exporter is able to collect the metrics from. 私の考える Elasticsearch ベースのデータ駆動型システムは以下のような構成です。. すべてのデータを Elasticsearch にインデックスすることで、データの検索や集計など参照系のインターフェースを統一することができます。. また、必要に応じて複数のデータ.
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